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Welcome to Avalon Archers

The Home of the best Field Archery Around

Avalon Archers provide access to one of the best Field Archery facilities around. In beautiful mixed deciduous and coniferous woodlands, with challenging hills and slopes, providing Archers every opportunity to test their skills.

For club members there is a permanent course that is used for league competitions, practice and just to roam and shoot. The club also provides excellent catering facilities.

About Us

For those that do not know of Field Archery, it is a form of the sport where small groups of Archers follow a course of targets through mainly woodland. The course will consist of a set number of targets; each target will have a set number of pegs. When you reach a peg you shoot at the target. The targets on a field course can be 3D models, paper faces, cut-outs or any combination of these. No two courses will be the same. At an Open shoot you will be put into a group and each group will be assigned a start target. Following a brief introduction by the shoot organiser that will cover such things as scoring; start signal, any particular rules that apply for that day, etc., you will be led out to your start target to await the starting signal. On hearing the start signal you can begin to shoot. After all the group have shot at the target you walk to the target, score your arrows and look for any arrows that missed. When you are ready you then follow the marked path to the next target and as soon as it is safe to do so begin shooting at that one. This continues throughout the day until you have shot the entire course. During the day you will pass the tea tent at least once. When you have completed shooting you return to the registration area, following the safe path, and hand over your scorecards. When all competitors are back prizes are awarded to the best archers in each class. Within the NFAS there are presently 10 classes ranging from the Primitive class which is based on bows of primitive design up to Unlimited where the most modern bows and aids are used. Each class has its own sub-set of rules and for a fuller description of the classes see the NFAS web-site

Shuttleworth Bowhunters were a well-established club shooting at Shuttleworth College. However in 2003 we lost the use of the grounds but were exceptionally lucky to find and move to our present location. When we moved from Shuttleworth we were obliged to change the name due to a number of copyright issues established by Shuttleworth. The name Avalon was agreed after considerable debate and even a small competition amongst the remaining members. Avalon the name finally selected seemed to us to be evocative of a period in legend and myth closely associated with the search for High Standards and Chivalry, and whilst there is no real link to Archery it just seemed to fit.

We are lucky in that our grounds are on one of the few wooded hills in the area that does not have public access. These woodlands are covered in a mixture of deciduous woodland, conifer and scrub. This allows us to layout courses that have a good mixture of shots. We organise around 4 NFAS Open shoots a year, see the shoot calendar for dates, these are a mixture of the following:

NFAS Opens, two of which are two day events. These are 100% 3D targets,open to any current NFAS member with full catering provided and a small trophy is awarded to the class winning archers.

League Shoot a permanent course just for club members with a monthly league and Annual competition.

2017 Shoot Calendar


Shoot Calendar 2017

Booking for our June 10th 11th NFAS OPEN SHOOT is now open

All the latest info will be published on this web site


NFAS Open Shoots

10th / 11th June 2017

Two day NFAS Open Shoot 40 3D each day. Full Catering and Camping with Saturday Night Dinners 10:00 am start both days. To Pre Book into this shoot please use the online form at Booking Form

2nd / 3rd September 2017

Two day NFAS Open Shoot 40 3D each day. Full Catering and Camping with Saturday Night Dinners. 10:00 am start both days. To Pre Book into this shoot please use the online form at Booking Form


9th July 2017

Sunday Open Clout Shoot WOODEN ARROWS ONLY Drinks and Snacks Only To Pre Book into this shoot please use the online form at Booking Form


All shoots start at 10am

Please note our Landlord has insisted


To book into our shoot please use the online form



Shoot Booking June Booking Open

You can book in to our open shoots by selecting the link below which will take you to our booking form

Please note: On our two day shoots you can camp overnight from Friday Night till Monday. BUT THERE ARE NO CAMPING FACILITES

If we are FULL it will tell you HERE

around our woods

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All the latest @ 12/2/17

Our new club clothing is now available to order on line through the following link.

Club Clothing


Booking is now open for our June 10th 11th 2017 shoot.

3D Targets on the League Course (Subtitle: 3Ds are expensive, and worn out ones need to be replaced) In suport of the comments in our newsletter and Chris's club wide email.The plan is to have one 14 target league course with 3Ds. The current targets are cast-offs from the 3Ds used for the open shoots which have become tatty and been replaced by new ones. With the improved condition of the main 3D stock, together with the planned reduction in the number of open shoots to wear out the targets, we are unlikely to get such a bumper set of cast-offs again in the foreseeable future. Charlie and Sean do a good job repairing targets but there is a limit to what they can achieve and the repair foam is not cheap. When the current league targets are worn out we will either have to switch back to 2D targets, or already have raised some extra funds to buy replacement 3Ds. Note that a set of 3Ds for a 14 target course would be many thousands of pounds. Chris has estimated that something in the order of £1,500 a year needs to be raised to replace shot-out targets to keep the league on 3Ds. Chris's normal estimate for 3D wear and tear is 17p of damage per hit, so if you do a round and hit all the targets from two pegs, that is £4.76 in damage. As arrows tightly grouped in the kill tend to blow through the 3D even quicker, I think you could use a very rough estimate of taking your league score as the damage caused in pence. Chris is planning an email to query the membership on the various options for handling this. Depending on publication dates, you may already have received it and voted. Regardless of the outcome of the vote, do not use the 3Ds as practice butts. Please only shoot one arrow per peg (preferably missing) and move on to the next target. If you repeatedly empty you quiver into a target you could destroy it in a few hours. If you want to shoot lots of arrows at a 3D, I am sure many local archery shops would be happy to sell you one.

The Archery Company will be holding another of their 3DA events 24th to 26th March at Avalon. This does of course mean that we will not be able to shoot in the woods around this time, it does however bring some very much needed income to the club.

Our first EFAA clasification shoot was a great success with over forty archers attending. With what seemed to be unanimous view of it being an excelent course.

The timber work in the woods is now completed. Work can start on a new build of the league course. The track is a bit of a mess and we will as it dries out carry out improvments

Our EFAA shoot dates are published on the EFAA web site. We have some great new ideas for the league competition. Watch this space.

We still have no one volunteering for any of the work on our planned NFAS open shoots!!! If you want to help please let me know.

All the latest @ 17/12/16

Classification Shoot Dates

Avalon Archers Proposed Classification Shoot Dates 2017

January 29th Field

February 26th Hunter

March NO SHOOT Hosting 3DA

April 23rd Field

May 28th Hunter

June 25th Field

July 23rd Hunter

August 27th Field

September 24th Hunter

October 22nd Field

November 26th Hunter

December TBA TBA

Avalon Classifcation Records table for all those that shoot a classifcation round at our course.


Avalon Coaching Services

Our service does not simply show new Archers how to shoot a bow but to provide new Archers joining Avalon some experience in Field Archery. Our coaching process sets out to get beginners and experienced Archers into full membership of the NFAS in combined course. The training is split into two separate parts; making best use of the coaches to facilitate the differing demands on coaching time of both new Archers and those experienced Archers from other organisations. The coaching service has to be self financing and therefore whilst the club held a good selection of training bows and arrows to get started all training is charged at a rate that will provide adequate funds for repairs and replacement of equipment. It is also required given the frequency that coaches have to be at the woods for training travelling costs for the coaches will also be met out of the training fees. There will be no burden on club funds of the training process, the benefit to the club will be new member fees which will be added to the training fees

The Coaching Process

A course date is set and as each candidate applies he or she is booked onto the planned course as part of the application process an assessment of each applicants ability is carried out on a one to one basis, there is a nominal charge for this assessment to travelling cost and wear and tear on equipment. The assessment will determine which category the individual belongs, either Experienced or Beginner section then that person will be allocated to one of the two coaches who will then become responsible for that individual, to include schedule attendance, progress and planning attendance and the fees for attendance.

Basic Training Course

New Archers

Assessment Day

Establish dominant eye (left handed or right handed)

Draw Length, Instruction in safety, and basic technical functions of equipment (a little go in the training area)

Establish that they have applied for provisional membership to NFAS, £ 10 assessment fee and sign them up for Beginners Basic Course

First Session

Introduction to Bows, Arrows and Styles, Brief History of NFAS (difference between Field Archery and all other styles) Target types, Courses, etc, some safety rules on handling equipment (what you should do and don’t do with a bow and arrow) Explanation of Auxiliary Equipment (bracers, tabs, etc)

Second Session

Start with release six arrows into the ground until release is pretty smooth

First serious attempt to hit what they are shooting at

Stance Feet firmly planted at right angles to target

Bow hold and correct arm extension

Hold anchor point

Smooth release

Practice whole session shooting fixed target

Third session

Above Shooting position but moving to different distances 10 yards forwards backwards 20 yards forward again one arrow at different distances

Talk about safety in awkward standing positions foot up against the peg

Shooting positions which differ from any other Archery

Fourth session


Escorted shoot around training course with Coach to asses competence and safety appreciation

If successful sign for full membership of NFAS

A certificate will be awarded certifying successful completion of the course

Experienced Archers

Initial Assessment Day

Demonstrate their ability to shoot

Establish which style they choose to shoot at Field Archery

If required agree schedule for three weekend sessions (2 hrs) accompanied by a Coach or Coaching staff member of Avalon around Course Shooting a selection of targets available at the time

Final Session


Escorted shoot around training course with Coach to asses competence and safety appreciation

If successful sign for full membership of NFAS

A certificate will be awarded certifying successful completion of the course

On succesful completion you will be invited to join Avalon Archers.


The club is located in Bedfordshire a short drive from Sandy

To get in touch with us please complete the form below, making sure you spell your email address accurately also ensure you select a subject which will direct your email to the right person.





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