Well the first Avalon Open was a very popular success and based on the feedback was a very welcome change and break from other open shoots. Creating a much more informal atmosphere the format was very widely accepted. The completely open styles removed much of the internal wrangling and archers became focused on beating the course. The gate prizes £20.00 TAC vouchers were very well received and spread the chance of reward and winning across a much wider shooting base. There was a single shot prize of a £20 TAC voucher for hitting the pro ring on the Tiger this was done by Dominic Healey shooting a Long Bow.

Itís going to happen again!!!

We will change the shooting layout but the format will be unchanged, without styles and just shooting for a score against the course designer, we think it will become even more enjoyable. The event will again be open to all Archers who can show a current membership card of a widely recognised Archery organisation, NFAS, EFAA, AGB etc..

The Avalon 80 will take place on the 1st and 2nd September.

It will be £10.00 per day and again we will limit the entry.

The shoot will be along the following lines

There will be 16 targets.

At each target there will be 5 (five) pegs and 5 (five) 3Ds

There will be an archer on each peg.

(Until the course has been finished we are not certain as to the number of pegs per 3D, since it would in most cases not be possible to have three pegs and be able to walk up for e.g. sights, carbon arrows then wooden arrows whilst all shooting at the same time)

Archer on peg No.1 will shoot one arrow at 3D No. 1

Archer on peg No.2 will shoot one arrow at 3D No. 2

Etc. etc.

When all archers have shot one arrow they will then move to the next peg and shoot the next arrow i.e. Archer on peg No.1 will move to Peg No. 2 Archer on peg No.2 will move to Archer on peg No.3 and will shoot the next arrow at the corresponding 3D. This will continue until all archers have shot a total of five arrows. On completion archers will walk to the targets and record the scores. In some cases, it will be wise to leave an archer on the pegs whilst the scores are being recorded. On completion all archers will move on to the next target and repeat the process, until all 16 targets have been shot. When all targets have been shot the score, cards will be handed in. Once all cards are in those wishing to shoot again will be able to do so, how groups and walk outs are arranged will be finalised on the day depending on responses and numbers. On Saturday the course will close at 5:30 for target adjustment for the Sunday. It is planned for Saturday to be Unmarked, non-range finding binoculars will be allowed.

On the Sunday the shoot will be the same, range finders will be allowed and distances will be recorded and distributed to those that do not have range finders.

Scoring will be 25 pro ring (if available) 20 for a kill and 10 for a wound.

On completion of the 16 Targets on the Sunday all cards must be handed in.

There will be a live score update as the cards are presented.

         When all cards are handed in the two day scores will be totalled and ordered by score. Only those shooting two days and all targets will be eligible for the shoot off.

There will then be a shoot off for TAC vouchers.

         The shoot off will be a simple knockout between the Top Four (4) scores

         Another one for the bottom Four (4) scores

         Two further groups of four selected from within the whole list of scores.

These two other group will be determined on the day depending on entry etc.

We are hoping to make this a spectator part of the event and would very much encourage interactive recommendations on the quality of the shooting!!

After completion of the shoot off those who wish to shoot around again can do so but the course will have to be closed by 5:30 to allow clearing up. Again, how groups and walk outs are arranged, will be finalised on the day depending on responses and numbers.