Avalon Friendly Shoots.

Sunday 8th April

Sunday 12th August

Sunday 14th October

Sunday 9th December

Avalon are changing the way we put shoots on. Most will know we now have an EFAA course and retain a full time 3D and 2D course, we are considering the addition of an Archery GB Field Course. All these courses are always available to club members.  In an attempt to make archery far more inclusive we have negotiated with our insurers that we can allow anyone who can demonstrate they are competent and safe to shoot typically by proving current membership of any well-known archery governing body, then by joining Avalon Archers for a short period of time, will be allowed to shoot at our club at any of our friendly shoots as noted above. These are informal events for which you do not need to book, just turn up pay you fees and find someone to shoot around with. There is a loose competition, for club members and those that turn up on a regular basis and there may be some kind of award at the end of the season. Steve Jordon is the primary contact and manager of these events.

For this first shoot there will be no shooting classes, but the real reason for coming is not to compete against others but to shoot against the course! We are determined to drag field archery into the present. There have been many developments, in materials and equipment, it is our hope to encompass some of these developments, we will as a first step allow non-range finding binoculars, and LED lit pins. We will retain 300fps max. arrow speed and limit the weight of Xbow and compound bolts and arrows to 450grns but reserve the right to put further limits on arrow weight if at any time performance becomes an issue. There will be no laser aiming devices, yes you can shoot compound crossbows that comply with our restrictions. Our goal is to minimise the number of classes that are being shot indeed these first shoots will have no classes and we will see how it goes. We know this will alienate some of the dedicated competitive shooters, but hey its archery and we hope it will be at the very best. We will endeavour to publish a full list of scores at the end of the shoot so you will be able to compare scores and see how well you coped with the course compared to others.

These are the basic guidelines for this shoot, please understand for either admin or safety we reserve the right to make changes before and throughout the event.