A new era begins. Avalon are determined to put the Fun, the Challenge and the old excitement back into Field Archery. We have negotiated our own insurance that allows us to invite any qualified archer confirmed by membership of any of the UK archery organising bodies to shoot our courses and become a member of Avalon for this event. You will be covered by our public liability insurance; however, you will be responsible for your own actions. You will be required to take care of yourself and your own safety and that of others as you walk around our woods. We will do what we can to mitigate the risk, but you will need to keep alert and take care as you progress around the course and woods in general, with special regard to the terrain. We seek other like-minded clubs to join us, when we find five other clubs who wish to get back to field archery as it should be and not the increasingly sterile environments that are now on offer, we will be able to offer this same group insurance adapted to our own specific needs. If your club is interested contact chris@avalonarchers.co.uk. Please understand this will not be Ďcheapí insurance just good insurance adapted to our specific needs. E.g. we will put our tree stand in use itís about 30ft high, no one is making you climb it, itís just for fun, we will do what we can to make it safe, but at the end of the day it is up to you, climbing a 30ft ladder, yep itís risky, but why as an archer should you be denied the opportunity to have a go as long as you understand it is your choice.

Our first Avalon Open shoot is scheduled for June 16th 17th, it will be a predator and prey 3D event, it will be a small course and entry will be strictly limited. It will be over two days, if we get full we will not be accepting any one-day entries. Avalon Catering and facilities will be available throughout the weekend. For this first shoot there will be no shooting classes, we will be awarding gate prizes, these will be determined by entry but the real reason for coming is not to compete against others but to shoot against the course!!. There will also be a prize money event run throughout the weekend a separate entry fee will be required. We are determined to drag field archery into the present. There have been many developments, in materials and equipment, it is our hope to encompass some of these developments, we will as a first step allow non-range finding binoculars, and LED lit pins. We will retain 300fps max. arrow speed and limit the weight of Xbow and compound bolts and arrows to 450grns but reserve the right to put further limits on arrow weight if at any time performance becomes an issue. There will be no laser aiming devices, yes you can shoot compound crossbows that comply with our restrictions. Our goal is to minimise the number of classes that are being shot indeed this first shoot will have no classes and we will see how it goes. We know this will alienate some of the dedicated competitive shooters, but hey its archery and we hope it will be at the very best. We will endeavour to publish a full list of scores at the end of the shoot so you will be able to compare scores and see how well you coped with the course compared to others.

These are the basic guidelines for this shoot, please understand for either admin or safety we reserve the right to make changes before and throughout the event.