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With some of the finest Field Archery Woods providing an excellent variety of cover, both deciduous and evergreens covering about 60 acres with steep uphill and downhill shots yet having good access. We have now been at these Wood for nearly 12 years. The club’s reputation for good shooting and good food has continued to grow, there is now the Archery Famous McChris, a burger of monstrous proportions. Our shoots have become so popular that sadly we are at the stage where we have to start turning people away. There is a fine dividing line between wanting to maximise the amount of money we have for the development of the club and making sure we do not have too many frustrated archers held up in long queues.

We have started updating and refreshing this web site there are a few items that are not yet installed. Should you need to contact us you can email us on info@AvalonArchers.co.uk

About our Club

A Field Archery Club catering for all styles and disciplines NFAS, EFAA and AGB

We have our own insurance which allows us to offer the opportunity to any archer the chance to try a different style of archery, target archers are very keen to try our unmarked courses!!

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One of the great attractions of archery is the diversity of shooting styles, the seemingly endless variations of equipment and of course the great variety in courses and targets that can be shot. .So what’s different about Field Archery? The Field Archery course will be set in woods with steep slopes , canted targets and variations in the ground as can be achieved safely, there are various rounds that can be shot in classifications and competitions alike. It entails a whole day of shooting in the woods which necessitates walking from one target to the next. The distances walked will be determined by the available space and the course setters ability to set out 14 or 28 targets in safety. The sort of round and distances shot can vary widely from 20ft to 80 yards. For example a Hunter and Field round comprise 28 targets each, with four arrows being shot at each target. Most of the targets require the archer to move forward to the next distance between each arrow. Other rounds will include shooting at monochrome or coloured pictures of animals, these can be either from marked or unmarked distances. This wide variety of terrain, shooting conditions and rounds are the true attraction of field archery, it is without doubt more physical than target archery, but it still demands high levels of concentration but with a wider spectrum of skills, there is a classification every Sunday throughout the year at various EFAA clubs , five two day competitions a year, One UK and Ireland championship and European and World IFAA five day competions, archers can chose to do as much as they like with this fantastic sport held all year round”



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